We help organizations get ready for the future

We do this by advising, realizing, training and coaching. This is how we lead change. Every single day. With everyone, from the shop floor to the boardroom. We jump out of bed for that every morning.

And why? What is our higher purpose?
We are happy to explain.


Successful transformations…

Every day our consultants, trainers and coaches do their utmost to make changes at clients successful. As a result, we create with our clients…


…organisaties ready for the future…

The commitment of all our colleagues together leads to more and more organizations where customers are happy, employees are happy and results are healthy. This is how we build a…


…society ready for the future.

With such organizations, we make society more beautiful. Living “together” becomes nicer for everyone. For customers, employees, citizens and government.

And that’s how LCG increases life happiness.


quirky colleagues

The 50-year objective of LCG

Increasing life’s happiness

During our study trips to Japan we discovered that Japanese companies have a much longer-term focus than we are used to in the Netherlands. They sometimes even set 250-year goals! So Japanese know that a long-term goal makes everyone feel like they are contributing to something great. Just ask yourself which goal motivates you more: providing 200 cars with new wheels every day or participating in the development and production of the world’s most environmentally friendly car in ten years?

Such goals ensure not only motivated employees, but also satisfied customers and good finances. We are convinced that we will achieve our 50-year goal by constantly keeping this in mind. We would like to share this enthusiasm with you!

Sustainable results through radical collaboration

We work for clients in virtually all industries. From business services to healthcare. And from education to government. Their common denominator? They really want to improve. For their clients, their employees and for society.

What can we help your organization with?

Lean and Agile?

LCG has its roots in the Lean and Agile philosophy. And at the same time, a methodology is not an end in itself. We do what works. What is successful for one organization may not necessarily be so for another. And vice versa. That’s why LCG always works with a customized approach. At the beginning of each project, this approach is determined not before, but with the client.

Discuss your question, plan or goals? Or just meet with one of our consultants? Feel free to contact Maartje from our World Class Office. She will be happy to help you.